Treasure Chest Finds

So we have been sailing around the Etsy seas a little more this past week and have discovered many new delights.

There are a range of authentic cultural artefacts or culturally inspired wonders to be discovered as displayed in this treasury by  Tracey from SewHeartFeltShop.  We were very happy to have our Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Screen Printed Tote Bag included in this collection of folklore, fairytales, sumptuous examples of ethnic textiles and rich earth tone colours.

cultural natural

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Screen Printed Tote Bag

This next collection titled ‘Good Morning‘ by Ebru from Aynikki certainly invokes a sense of sunshine and warmth, surely welcoming in the spring after this miserable winter. To us, this treasury has an overall feel good factor to it, which certainly fits in with the vibe of our Rockabilly Day of the Dead Canvas Tote Bag that was selected to be apart of it.

good morning


We will continue to sail the high seas of the online crafting community and share our finds next week!  Please feel free to share you favourite Etsy finds in the comments below and include the link to your chosen item.

Hidden Gems and Buried Treasure!

There are many beautiful gems out there and sometimes it takes someone to put together a treasury so we can discover these visual delights for ourselves.

I am delighted to share with you these two beautiful treasuries that we have been featured in this week.

First up ‘I Have My Eye on You!’ by Charlotte Horton from BazaarCharlotte.
I have my eye on you

Not only is this a beautiful collection of which I love the colours but it also features our black tweed newsboy hat modelled by Steve from Vaudeville Hippie.  Check out our previous post, which features his tutorial on how to plan and make your very own newsboy hat.

Pink, soft and elegant are all words that can be used to describe the next treasury created by Jody Lee from Putterpaws.  ‘Creations From The Heart‘ features a number of items that reminds of the things I use to dream about when I was a little girl.
creations from the heart

We would like to thank to Jody for including our up-cycled wooden necklaceIMG_4852

Keep on digging and you never know what you may find!

Vaudeville Hippie – How to (Plan & make Newsboy pattern pieces)

Steve from Vaudeville Hippie takes you through a step by step guide in how to make create a pattern for a newsboy/poorboy style hat.

If all this making looks like too much effort and you are interested in buying one of these wallets then please visit our Etsy shop:

For this weekend only we are offering a 20% discount when you use the code VALENTINEWKENDER2014

Treasury Time – Steampunk Valentine

red steampunkI love the steampunk aesthetic.  It’s imaginative, creative and unusual.  I sometimes wonder how our day to day life would differ had our society fully developed into the steampunk ethos.

So this week’s treasury is for all of you steampunk romantics out there who are searching for that perfect alternative gift this Valentine’s Day.

If steampunk is not for you but you want something a little different that is handmade with love we are offering for this weekend only 20% discount with the following code: VALENTINEWKENDER2014.

Timeout for Art #2


star lantern

I was a bit stuck for inspiration this week and needed a starting point, which turned out to be a tea light lantern.  As you can see, the top of the lantern has stars to decorate it.  This then turned into a bit of a star drawing fest (almost obsessional).

star face

By the time I finished the drawing, I still felt the need to draw more stars.  for some reason it just felt right and I was in a bit of a flow, so I re-drew this face above based on an earlier drawing and carried on adding the stars to decorate her cheek.

Timeout for Art weekly event every Thursday.

Timeout for Art #1

Treasury Time – Red Hot Valentine

With the lead up to Valentines Day I have created this Moulin Rouge inspired Treasury.

Think Paris, think romance, think sexy and become inspired by these wonderful picks from Etsy!

red hot

My particular favourite this week are:

Bustle Skirt with Steampunk Victorian flair by TalismanaDesigns because I love the colour combinations of black, white and red especially if black and white stripes are also involved.

Victorian character lace up high top dance boots by RetroSewCo:

And of course no Moulin Rouge collection should be without some artwork by the wonderful Toulouse Lautrec from Posterorama:

Need more valentines inpiration? then check out our own shop and do not miss out on our promotion code ‘VALENTINES2014′ to receive a 10% discount.

Zero to Hero – Day 22 Join a Blogging Event

So after looking through many of the artistic blogging events I have decided to take part in ‘time out for art‘ by Zeebra Designs and Destinations.  This event occurs every Thursday and asks us to…

“Take a timeout; turn off your telephone, turn off your television and tune into yourself!  Pick up a leaf and sketch it;  go outside and draw a tree trunk!  Stay inside and scribble, cross hatch, draw tornadoes or triangles.  After ten minutes, you’ll find a shift in attention.  Don’t stop, keep drawing, and your creative side will awaken.  Consider this an exercise!   Your lines will get softer, more expressive, and your pulse slows!”

I must admit, I have got out of the habit of drawing regularly, I tend to go through phases and although at the moment I keep thinking about putting pen/pencil to paper I just have not got round to committing myself recently so I am hoping that by joining this even it will kick start me back into drawing again.

Whether I can sustain every week, is another thing, therefore I am going to aim for every fortnight and if I can manage every week then it can only be a bonus!  I will be posting the results here on this blog.  Hopefully I will eventually need to create a page for the work I create for the event!

In the meantime here is a fairly recent rockabilly inspired skull drawing I created using felt tips.

Rockabilly skull