Weekend Away

So my bag making has got off to a slow start, mainly because marking coursework took over from my regular job last week – resulting in three late finishes, and then I was away at the weekend to celebrate and attend a the wedding of a very good friend of mine.

The wedding could not have been more perfect and at one point I remember thinking that we could have easily been on a film set, it was so perfect.  They were blessed with glorious blue skies all day for an outdoors dinner reception, which was surrounded by the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside.

My friend designed and created all the invitations, wedding favours, table runners, napkin rings, table place names and menus.  She also included a surprise element for each table, where by one person had been selected to act as chef, who each received a chef’s hat and embroidered apron all designed by her.  I should mention at this stage that my friend has recently gone full time with her bespoke wedding invitations company ‘Olive Wedding Stationery’.  The picture below is of one of the wedding favours that she designed, made and packaged.

Weekend away Vaudeville Hippie

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Steps Forward

After setting up this blog and my intention for it I got right into action and began making a recycled jeans and tassel T-shirt bag which I’ve had in mind since watching a Threadbanger tutorial a few weeks ago.


I challenged myself to document the process with photos of each stage (making a video was out of the question as my tripod is somewhere in the attic).  The bag is not quite how I imagined, but I was pleased with the overall process.

Vaudeville Hippie Upcycled denim and T-shirt tassel bag

Vaudeville Hippie Upcycled denim and T-shirt tassel bag

Vaudeville Hippie Upcycled denim and T-shirt tassel bag

Steps Back

As for eating healthier, this has not gone well today.  After forgetting to take my Miso soup sachet into work my lunch consisted if vegetarian, cheese laden lasagne and creamy  coleslaw.  Topped up with coffee and a twice later on in the day.  Matters will get only worse for dinner due to the lack of food in the cupboard 😦

Hello world!

New Beginnings!

I’ve come to realise that turning thirty has had a bigger impact on me than I first thought.  My thirtieth came and went in September and over the last couple of months I have become very conscious of how quickly time seems to be passing these days, compared to when I was in my early twenties when time and my future still seemed endless.

I have felt very restless in my current job as an Art teacher and have been visualising one day becoming my own boss selling my own artistic creations using Etsy.  However, progress to achieve this dream has been slow up until this point, causing a degree of frustration that I am no where nearer to my goal.  It also means further resentment to being in my day job leading to a cycle of  negative thoughts.

In order to get myself out of this negative cycle I have decided to become more in tune with myself by embracing a more spiritual approach through meditation, yoga, healthy eating and tapping into Chakra energy, which I have just recently discovered.  I hope this will compliment my other interests in creating art, hoop dancing, poi and belly dancing.

I’ve created this blog to share my journey into these new beginnings in the hope it will give some direction by setting a clear intention each week and then use the blog to hopefully celebrate small victories in taking the right and positive steps into reaching my goals of  becoming my own boss and a healthier and well-balanced, more in tune me.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.