Vlog Wednesday – Fulfilling the Dream

(Ok, so technically not a ‘vlog’ because this is a written post)

This week I wanted celebrate the fact that one of my friends and colleagues has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to follow her dream and set up in business designing, making and selling a wide range of beautiful cakes and treats.

I have been lucky enough to follow Cakes for YOUR Occasions progress via her Facebook page and to sample some of her delicious cakes.  Not only do they taste amazing but these cakes are also true pieces of art.  

Naturally I will be sad to see Kathy go, but at the same time I am delighted that she has an opportunity to make a living doing something enjoys and feels passionate about.  Kathy is a real inspiration and a close to home reminder that it is possible to earn a living doing something you love.  

Please check out her Facebook page and website for more information about Kathy’s wonderful cakes.



I know Kathy has an extremely busy couple of months ahead and so wish her all the best of luck.