My Favourite Craft Channels

Since discovering Youtube a few years ago I have been amazed by it’s learning potential.  I initially used it to find information and tutorials about hoop dancing and poi spinning, which helped me to connect with the global community of spinners.  

 During my search for a hoop video I stumbled across an Etsy video and their channel.  I had never heard of Etsy and had no idea of the huge crafting community that was out there.  This opened up a whole new world to me and I soon realised that I could also use Youtube as a  resource to reconnect with my art and learn new skills.  

I have really enjoyed the Handmade Portraits series by Etsy because it shows the diverse nature of art and craft out there.  It is always intersting to see the ideas and inspirations of other creative people and these videos are very personal, making it feel like you are having your own personal tour of their studio or working space.  It is also encouraging to see that it is possible to become your own boss by making and selling the things you create.  This recent video that they have uploaded is a reminder of some of the talented people they have featured over the last couple of years.

 My hooping connection also lead me to the Threadbanger channel, which I discovered through the Stitch Rippers social network site, set up by Canadian hooper Sandra Sommerville, aka SaFire.

Corinne Leigh and the team at Threadbanger have put up a diverse and well made easy to follow video tutorials on their Youtube channel from.  Topics  range from handmade fairy wings, steampunk outfits to T-shirt reconstructions and many more.  I have still to work my way through watching all of these videos and look forward to developing my making skills this summer when I will have some time to sit down and watch them.

 One of my favourite members of the Threadbanger team is Whitney Edwards, who also has her own channel.  Whitney’s videos are warm and welcoming.  She not only shares her sewing ideas, but also talks about other aspects of her life.  I love this personal touch and I think this is the key to her success.  Whitney’s regular updates keeps her viewers coming back for more, which is combined with her clear step by step craft tutorials.  I have been really inspired by the work that Whitney does.

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