Shake and Stir Vintage Festival, Bournemouth

The Event

This weekend Vaudeville Hippie headed down to Bournemouth’s very own vintage festival in Southbourne, which we discovered through Bournemouth based Crafti Creations Facebook page.  The Shake and Stir event was themed as vintage and handmade, combining the very best of Bournemouth’s local makers as well as whole host of vintage inspired music, fashion, dance and much more.

Shake and Stir Vintage Festival Bournemouth

Shake and Stir Vintage Festival Bournemouth

Despite the lousy British weather I was glad to see plenty of people milling around the craft stalls and enjoying the live music being played on the bandstand.  This was complimented by jive dancers dressed in authentic full vintage clothing, make up and hair.  Surrounding them was also a range of conventional and unconventional food and drink stalls, of which the candy floss stall smelt amazing!  Not to mention the circus area for the children and the ladies who were creating the most fabulous hairstyles straight out of the 1950s.  All this of course fits in nicely with our Vaudeville Hippie theme.

Shake and Stir Vintage Festival Bournemouth

Getting Involved

Initially we wanted to run a stall, but after a bit of research Steve and I decided that we are not quite ready.  This is mainly due to stock levels and the need to organise public liability insurance! Instead we decided to use the fair as a networking opportunity and to research how other people go about setting up and organising their pitches.

Shake and Stir Vintage Festival Bournemouth

We learnt that it is definitely recommended to get involved with social media sites such as Facebook to successfully sell on the internet and that Folksy can be just as an important platform for selling online as well as Etsy.  When selling at a fair or market it is a good idea to always take sandbags to hold down tables at outdoor events and to explore ways to arrange your stock on different height levels to make it more visually interesting. Consideration to lighting should also be made and to avoid using a dark gazebo or tent as dark stalls seem less inviting to the customers.  We discovered that there are a range of other regular local craft fairs  coming up over the next few months like Boscombe Vintage Market and the Bournemouth Artisan Fair.


Meeting the Makers

It was really nice chatting to some of the stall holders, all of whom were happy to discuss their work and provide advice with things that had worked for them.  In particular the following crafters who kindly allowed us to photograph their tents for this blog.

Caroline Tucker from Caroline Tucker Designs  (Caroline studied Contemporary Textile Practice with me at UWIC):

Shake and Stir Vintage Festival Bournemouth


Clair Halls from Magpie Boutique:

Shake and Stir Vintage Festival Bournemouth

Shake and Stir Vintage Festival Bournemouth

And Lucy Brasher from The Cat in the Shoe:

Shake and Stir Vintage Festival Bournemouth

Shake and Stir Vintage Festival Bournemouth

Even the strong coastal winds were not enough to stop us enjoying this wonderful event.  We look forward to the day when we can launch the Vaudeville Hippie market stall.

If you know of any up and coming craft events or have any advice for newbies getting a craft stall together then we would love to read your comments.

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