Treasury Time Vintage Christmas

I really enjoyed making and writing about my last treasury.  Since then, I have been particularly  interested in looking at other people’s treasuries that  have included white, black, silver and gold.  To me, they reflect that “Christmas party” glamour and sparkle vibe.

I was therefore inspired to create my own.  Originally I wanted to create a treasury called ‘Vaudeville Christmas’ but then I discovered the 1950s dress  from RococoVintage who have a fabulous range of vintage dresses.  This became my starting point and revised theme of ‘Vintage Christmas‘.  The dress helped to set the colour palette and direction of what I wanted to achieve, which was vintage glamour at Christmas.

Treasury Time

This is quite different to the usual items I would pick for a treasury and I took pleasure in searching through the vintage sections of Etsy.  I also discovered a more effective way of searching, making the treasury curating process even more fun.

My favourite pieces have to be the 70s Stripe Faux Fur Coat from WhiteWaveVintage who have a vast collection of vintage goods.  I also love the styling and photography by MagpiesShop who use light and colour effectively to tell a story a bout each of their products.

Do you have any Christmas themed treasuries you would like to share?  We would love to find out what inspired you when curating.  Happy treasury making.

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