Treasury Time: Rockabilly Day of the Dead at Christmas

I have curated this week’s treasury in celebration of our most recent hand made, screen printed day of the dead tote bag.  The colour scheme was inspired by the colours in the bag design.

rockabilly dotd

I particularly love the ‘Black Widow’ fine art print by Louise Nylander.  Day of the Dead art can be sometimes over powering with all its colours and patterns.  However, Louise has successfully captured the style by using a much simpler colour palette of black, grey and purple.

I also love the huge range of Frida Kahlo screen prints offered by Minimalistra Clothing. They have taken iconic images of Frida and applied them to a range of products using a solid black design onto a strong vibrant background colour.

Rockabilly has been a big inspiration for us.  I blogged about some of our original artwork and processes earlier on in the year in my ‘Just Draw’ post.  Some of these ideas have now been developed into finished products and we are now proud to introduce our ‘Burn it All’ tote bag.

Burn it All

IMG_4898IMG_4909 IMG_4914

These tote bags are completely handmade by us from the sewing and construction of the bag itself to the design and screen printed image.  Each bag has a complimentary thread colour to match the colours in the design of the print.

To see the full range of our tote bag designs please visit our Etsy shop bag section.  We would also love to hear your opinions about the designs.

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