Zero to Hero Day 1 – Introduce Yourself

Hello my name is Sally and I have actually had this blog since 20th May 2012. This is what I wrote about in my very first blog:

“New Beginnings!

I’ve come to realise that turning thirty has had a bigger impact on me than I first thought.  My thirtieth came and went in September and over the last couple of months I have become very conscious of how quickly time seems to be passing these days, compared to when I was in my early twenties when time and my future still seemed endless.

I have felt very restless in my current job as an Art teacher and have been visualising one day becoming my own boss selling my own artistic creations using Etsy.  However, progress to achieve this dream has been slow up until this point, causing a degree of frustration that I am no where nearer to my goal.  It also means further resentment to being in my day job leading to a cycle of  negative thoughts.

In order to get myself out of this negative cycle I have decided to become more in tune with myself by embracing a more spiritual approach through meditation, yoga, healthy eating and tapping into Chakra energy, which I have just recently discovered.  I hope this will compliment my other interests in creating art, hoop dancing, poi and belly dancing.

I’ve created this blog to share my journey into these new beginnings in the hope it will give some direction by setting a clear intention each week and then use the blog to hopefully celebrate small victories in taking the right and positive steps into reaching my goals of  becoming my own boss and a healthier and well-balanced, more in tune me.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.”

On Reflection

With the arrival of a new year it is interesting to go back and read my initial intentions for this blog.  Many of the things that I wrote about are still relevant, however,  I must admit that I have found producing a regular blog more challenging than I thought.  This has been mostly down to commitments from my full time teaching job.

Healthy Living

I would like to report that I have got a regular yoga routine but this has also been a bit ad hoc and I did not have time to pursue my interest in Chakra energies (although this is something I would like to come back to one day).  I am though, determined to set up a regular yoga practise in 2014.



Progress has been made with the Etsy store since writing the original post and I managed to blog about some of the milestone we have achieved such as ‘Update Jan 2013’ where my partner Steve took over the realms of Vaudeville Hippie.  Many of the posts have focused more on day to day life and inspiration along the way.  This year I would like to include more posts that document the ideas and development of Vaudeville Hippie.

At the end of last year I had a breakthrough with a direction for the content for some of my blogs, which I feel is a more sustainable way for me to keep a regular blog.  I am currently calling these ‘Treasury Time’ where I discuss my latest Etsy treasury.  I have enjoyed creating these posts and have experimented with different angles.  In the first two posts I picked a couple of favourite items in each one, whilst the third treasury was inspired by one of our own products.


My hope is that if I can sustain regular ‘Treasury Time’ posts as well as documenting our progress and creations I will be able to connect with people who have similar interests by discussing and sharing things I have discovered on Etsy and other handmade websites.  My aim is that my readers will start to look forward to my posts, which will eventually increase traffic to our own Etsy store.

4 thoughts on “Zero to Hero Day 1 – Introduce Yourself

  1. Playamart - Zeebra Designs says:

    sigh; to be 30 again and pondering the direction of my life! i’m 57 but still feel 30 in spirit and often physically – except when i stand up after painting designs on floors! it keeps me limber, however, and i enjoy that work in contrast to ‘studio’ work.

    i admire your discipline as you go through the zero to hero prompts! thanks for following; my internet is ultra slow, and it’s hard to open pages, like or comment, but when posssibe, i’ll wave a flag to let you know ii’ve visited!

    lisa/z om eciador

    • vaudevillehippie says:

      Hi Lisa
      Thanks for your comment and stopping by. I must admit I am starting to struggle to keep up with daily tasks, I’m about four days behind now. Still, I am glad I got involved because it has definitely helped me to develop my blogging skills and to connect with new people.

      I discovered your blog through the ‘join an event’ task. I was particularly interested though in your page about copyright, so thanks for sharing your ideas.


      • Playamart - Zeebra Designs says:

        i’m so glad you participated in ‘join an event’ and are keeping up with the WP daily prompts. you’re multi talented, and sometimes that can almost be a curse – there are so many things we want to do, yet so little time in each day! ah, but it’s a blessing for sure! have fun with the prompts! z

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