Zero to Hero Day 2 – What’s Your Name? Updated


This simple task helped me to refocus on my title and tagline.  I already had these in place, however, since completing this task, I feel that the new tagline is more suitable and it has made me aware that this is something I should review from time to time.


I have also learnt a little bit more about using widgets.  I now feel that I actually understand how to use them and I am really pleased the task has taught me about the text widget.  This has allowed me to put a simple description about my blog in clear view of potential readers, which I did not know you could do.

Looking forward to task 3.


In my haste to put something out there yesterday for the Zero to Hero task 2: ‘What’s your name?’ I completely forgot to mention that I am pleased with the name ‘Vaudeville Hippie’ which is also our Etsy shop name.

I have already written a two part blog that explains why I choose this name so if you would like to read more please see the following links:

‘Naming Our Shop Part 1’

‘Naming Our Shop Part 2’

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