Zero to Hero Day 3 – What’s On Your Mind?


There were a number of reasons for starting this blog.  The primary instigator was the fact that at some stage I wanted to set up an Etsy store, which I have since done as a joint venture with my partner Steve and after reading various articles and blogs I discovered that most people recommend setting up a craft blog, which if successful, would drive traffic to the shop.

I have always enjoyed writing, however, I was a bit hesitant to do this because for me it meant putting my own personal thoughts and opinions out there.  Quite a daunting problem for a relatively shy person.  A chapter about blogging in Etsy guru Timothy Adam’s book ‘How to Make Money Using Etsy’ finally convinced me to give it a go. Timothy described how he started up a blog with very little experience or knowledge and yet the blog grew in success and exposure over time.  Timothy’s explanation made the prospect of setting up a blog accessible and took some of the mystery (to a complete newbie) out of blogging.

Timothy now runs the successful blog Handmadeology that provides Etsy sellers and the online crafting community with practical tips and tools to support crafters to be successful sellers.  Tools include Promotesy and Fanpageoloy.

My Blogging Intentions

Initially I think I was a bit too ambitious.  I literally had visions of my blog having separate pages; one for our Etsy work: Vaudeville Hippie art and craft, inspiration, bohemian living, healthy living, circus arts and maybe one day this could still happen.  Naturally, this was difficult to sustain and I should explain that I also have a full time teaching job.  Therefore, the posts that I did write sort of fitted into these categories but I felt that I was not quite creating the type of posts I really wanted to write.  As a result I could not keep up with the pressure I put on myself to maintain a regular blogging slot, which in turn affected the development of the blog.  This is why I was so pleased to come across the Zero to Hero Challenge and take part.


As I described in my post for task 1 I have evaluated what is most important for me right now, which is promoting our shop and what we do.  This is why, for now, I plan to focus upon sharing and reviewing items of a similar theme and finds that inspire me in my ‘Treasury Time’ posts.  I guess my hope and intention is that I my blog demonstrates knowledge about our area of the bohemian aesthetic, subcultures related to vaudeville culture and costuming.

I think this more concise approach will provide my blog with more structure and a specific purpose.  Once I have successfully established this aspect of the blog, only then will I consider including some of the other aspects I have mentioned.

I am looking forward to reviewing this at the end of the 30 day Zero to Hero challenge.

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