I must admit, I was beginning to struggle with this one.  After two days back at work with full teaching days on both I am starting to have what has been described before as a ‘brain fart’.  I am not very good at being put on the spot at the best of times so when I read that today’s task was to upload a ‘new element’ like an image or video my mind did its usual thing of going blank straight away.

After an uninspiring trawl through my iPhoto collection I decided to head over to Youtube where I was initially going to look back through some of my old hooping videos for inspiration.

Then I had a brainwave!  I suddenly remembered my drive to work this morning.  Now it has probably not escaped your attention that we are experiencing some dire weather here in the UK at the moment.  And for the second day running, at about the same time and point in my journey, Christchurch, the town I work in, has been hit by the most torrential downpour I think I have ever been in.  So there I was in pouring rain, stuck in traffic whilst listening to The Doors ‘L.A. Woman’ album not going very far because up ahead the town’s main roundabout was blocked with traffic.  I could only conclude that must have been an accident somewhere else causing the traffic to back up. This happens a lot.

Now prior to the heavens opening and becoming stuck in traffic, I had been up until that point happily driving along the coast road from Bournemouth, through Southbourne as I do every morning.   Now I must add here that I am not really a Doors fan, however, when their song ‘Riders on the Storm’ came on it just seemed so appropriate for the mood of my journey this morning.

The song also gave me a little bit of a nostalgic moment because it reminded me a of holiday I had with my mum, auntie and cousins one summer holiday.  We ere travelling up to see my grandparents in Sunderland.  My Auntie and cousins loved this song and I just remember it being in played in the car quite a lot and seemingly cruising around town in their old Rover on a hot sunny day with the windows down and the breeze coming in.  I had not thought about holiday for ages but it  put a smile on my face because this song always reminds me of that particular moment in time.  It was also my first introduction to The Doors.

I am sure ‘Riders on the Storm’ means many different things to many different people.  I would love to hear what you connection with the song is.

So here it is, The Doors with ‘Riders on the Storm’ accompanied by a video compilation by Youtube user Zaradur.


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