Zero to Hero Day 16 – Reputations

Writing prompts can be a blogger’s best friend: on days when inspiration levels are low. Today’s assignment: publish a post based on your own, personalised take on today’s Daily Prompt.

What is a reputation?

For me the word reputation is the impression others form about a person, company, product etc in response to what they do, act or behave.

Why are reputations important?

They are important because depending on the situation a reputation could have either a positive or negative impact.  I am considering this question because whilst developing our Etsy shop, it is important that we build a good reputation with our customers in order for the business to become well known and successful.

IMG_2395 IMG_4881 IMG_4887

The reputation I would like to build for Vaudeville Hippie:

  • Unique products
  • Quality products
  • Diverse product range
  • Excellent customer service

We are still at the beginning of our journey and therefore have a lot to learn and develop as regards to our reputation, but I hope that by maintaining a regular blog and becoming a part of the blogging community we will be able to grow our reputation within the online handmade market.

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