Zero to Hero Day 21 – Reflect on Day 19


On day 19 I tried out the photo post format to post this photo of an example of one our handmade jewellery pieces.  This was to primarily to promote it as a valentines gift idea.

This post details how we make them.


In todays throw away society we love the idea of reusing existing or redundant items and transforming them into something new.  We are not always able to reuse materials, but fortunately for these necklaces we were.

Each necklace has been made out of hand cut and painted wooden canvas stretchers.  To add colour we have used either left over emulsion or acrylic paint using two different colours that have been layered up and the top coat sanded down slightly to achieve a deliberately weathered and distressed effect.

The copper wire is also reclaimed and has been transformed into the copper links holding the wooden pieces together.  The decorative coils have been shaped by hand adding further detail and a purposefully made clasp.

Other Materials

To complete the necklace we used pre-bought  leather cord and wooden beads.  In future I would like to source a reclaimed equivalent so that these necklaces be made from one hundred percent up-cycled materials.



The handmade clasp allows the length of the chord to be easily adjusted to the desired length.  The wooden bead acts as  stopper to prevent the cord passing through the clasp.


Each necklace is first wrapped in tissue paper and comes packaged in one of our custom-made Vaudeville Hippie jewellery boxes.

Please visit our Etsy store to see the full range.

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