Zero to Hero – Day 22 Join a Blogging Event

So after looking through many of the artistic blogging events I have decided to take part in ‘time out for art‘ by Zeebra Designs and Destinations.  This event occurs every Thursday and asks us to…

“Take a timeout; turn off your telephone, turn off your television and tune into yourself!  Pick up a leaf and sketch it;  go outside and draw a tree trunk!  Stay inside and scribble, cross hatch, draw tornadoes or triangles.  After ten minutes, you’ll find a shift in attention.  Don’t stop, keep drawing, and your creative side will awaken.  Consider this an exercise!   Your lines will get softer, more expressive, and your pulse slows!”

I must admit, I have got out of the habit of drawing regularly, I tend to go through phases and although at the moment I keep thinking about putting pen/pencil to paper I just have not got round to committing myself recently so I am hoping that by joining this even it will kick start me back into drawing again.

Whether I can sustain every week, is another thing, therefore I am going to aim for every fortnight and if I can manage every week then it can only be a bonus!  I will be posting the results here on this blog.  Hopefully I will eventually need to create a page for the work I create for the event!

In the meantime here is a fairly recent rockabilly inspired skull drawing I created using felt tips.

Rockabilly skull

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