What’s in a name? The meaning of Vaudeville to me

Why ‘Vaudeville Hippie’?

When I was deciding upon a company name I wanted to choose something that naturally reflected our passion and inspiration from all things circusy. Not only is the ability to practise circus skills important to us as a hobby, but visually, the circus theme has limitless potential from the shapes, colours and patterns it provides. I have become particularly drawn to circus stripes and the colour combination of red, black and white.

Circus is also the starting point for product range and our choice to develop our own fabric poi.  As poi spinners we realised that the majority of poi on the market had very similar designs and wanted to explore other possibilities.IMG_2167

I had never heard of vaudeville until we went to an event in Bournemouth titled ‘Vaudeville Circus and Masquerade Ball’. The night had a range of acts ranging from circus, to burlesque to belly dance and we were lucky enough to see English pin-up and burlesque dancer Anna Fur Laxis and her axe throwing act.



IMG_1380Since then, it has been a visual and creative reference point. I have particularly enjoyed exploring and collecting images using Pinterest and incorporating these ideas into my drawing and craft work. Whilst exploring images for my Pinterest boards I came across these gorgeous costumes by London based Prangsta Costumiers. I simply adore these costumes and feel that they totally sum up everything I love about the circus and cabaret style.

History of Vaudeville

Vaudeville is a style of entertainment first popularised in America in the early twentieth century. Acts would vary widely from belly dance, circus, burlesque, freak (bearded woman etc), novelty and comedy as characterised by Charlie Chaplin, all wrapped up with a strong vintage flavour.

Vaudeville Illustration

There are some great vaudeville finds on Etsy. These are a few of my favourites that capture the genre through either colour, style, costuming and Victorian aesthetic.  Each image take you directly back to the original pages on Etsy so you can explore these delights further.

flapper treasury

gypsy hats

lovechild dark fusion

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