OOAK cloth doll by Vaudeville Hippie

A Cloth Doll For Natasha: Day of the Dead Fairy

This is probably the most original doll I have created to date and was made for my friend and illustrator Natasha Durley.  This doll is definitely getting closer to the style of doll I would like to make in the future.


Like my Zombie Poi Spinner doll, this was also inspired by an original Vaudeville Hippie sketch.

Just Draw recent drawings by Vaudeville Hippie

I created the initial idea and Steve adapted it using his illustration skills to complete the figure as a whole and to develop this into an image for screen printing.


This mysterious fairy has been positioned as close to the original as possible, even down to the fingers lace behind her back.  I really enjoyed bringing this drawing to life and to see a three-dimensional version evolve using the doll making skills I have gained since starting in the new year.


Once again, I used cut strips of old T-shirt material as discovered in my Machi doll and was really pleased that I was able to recreate her two tone red and black hair.


Her face and pattern details on the wing were drawn on using pigment pens by Pilot.


I was particularly pleased that I was able to re-create the fishnet tights by doubling up the base fabric for her legs with a layer of black netting.


I love how she looks deep in thought with her day dream expression.  I am hoping to create more Day of the Dead fairies and explore other colour schemes. The red, black and white has been heavily inspired by circus stripes.

I would love to see your Day of the Dead creations in the comments below.

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