organising my craft room

Organising My Craft Room

“This is the place of creative incubation. At first, you may find nothing happens there. But, if you have a sacred place and use it, take advantage of it, something will happen”. (Joseph Campbell)

My Craft Room

The challenge is on this summer to organise my craft room.  As you can see it is a small space approximately 3m x 3m so it only takes one or two craft sessions before chaos descends, and I am rather ashamed that I have let it get to this stage.  Not a fit for purpose space at all!

my craft room

Space and storage

Since starting making my cloth dolls the time has come to take action.  Fortunately constructing the dolls does not require a lot of space.  However, the frustration sets in when I have to hunt for a particular tool that has become buried or that perfect piece of fabric for one of my cloth doll’s clothing.

My disorganised craft desk space

Despite having a lot of shelves, storage is still a problem.  Like a magpie, I hold onto everything that may potentially become useful and I should really just be brutal one day and simply get rid of those items  that are very unlikely to ever be used in a craft project.

My disorganised craft shelves


Despite my best efforts to group the tools and equipment I need, the organisation has fallen apart.  This is purely because I start a project and stop mid way with the intention to continue, lets say after dinner, but then its several days or weeks before I return.  During the organising process I will have to train myself to tidy as I go.

My disorganised craft resources

Craft Room Style and decor

The inspiration behind giving my craft room a complete overhaul has come from reading the beautifully produced ‘Craft, Sell & Show’ by Torie Jayne.

Craft, Show & Sell by Torie Jayne

The very first chapter introduces the idea of creating a workspace that reflects your personal style, which in the long run with help to establish your craft brand and creating a visual style and cohesion to everything you do.  This chapter then leads nicely into the second chapter, which gives practical ideas in how to explore and create a handmade craft brand.

Torie’s Pinterest board and Facebook page gives you s sneak peak into her tips and advice.  However, the book shares imagery of several makers gorgeous spaces and is well worth a look.

in conclusion

As you can see, my craft room is very much lacking any clear visual cohesion and lets face it, is a cluttered mess!  Since reading Torie’s chapter I have created a couple of Pinterest boards to get me started.  My first idea was to look at Vaudeville inspired interiors and then I widen my criteria to include my theme and chosen name of vaudeville hippie and what this means to me.  Craftseller magazine have also produced a crafty spaces board containing really inspirational craft room ideas.

I am excited, yet a little bit daunted by this process and look forward to sharing my craft room make over as it happens.  I would love to hear about your creative spaces and how they have developed and transformed over time.

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