Sparks the Robot: Pattern by Craftseller Magazine

“Sparks the robot! reboot your making mojo with our felt buddy” (craftseller Magazine, issue45)

My First Craftseller Project

So after several months of subscribing to Craftseller Magazine, I have finally managed to create my first make from one of the magazine’s royalty free projects.

Hand sewn robot

The Design

As you can see, I changed the colours scheme a little from the original, this was down to the fabrics I already had in my fabric store.  However, I really like this colour scheme and think the fabrics work well together.  I also simplified the detail on his body, choosing to only add two buttons, rather than the suggested six.
Hand sewn robot


He is mostly made out of felt  and sewn by hand, with the exception of the polka dot areas, which were machine stitched and in a poly cotton fabric.

Deatil of Hand sewn robot

This was a fun project and very different to what I would normally make.  There are a couple more Craftseller projects that I have my eye on, particularly this month’s circus characters pattern pack, so watch this space!

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