Sea Goddess Cloth Doll for Penny



This cloth doll was inspired by the colours of the sea.  My friend Penny is from Cornwall, she also happens to love blue and turquoise colours.  So when planning this doll I knew she would have to incorporate these ideas.


The starting point was actually this vintage blue and turquoise patterned fabric, which I love and decided to use for some of the main body parts.

The Clothing


Small scraps and lengths of of blue, white and turquoise fabric were sewn to the top of the bodice to create the essence of coral or seaweed.  Small pearls were sewn to some of the lengths to represent the creatures that may be found hiding amongst the coral reefs.


A layer of netting was then added with additional embellishment of metallic foil stars to create a sense of depth and intrigue.


Painting the Face and Body

Acrylic paint was used again to paint the face in cool blues and greens.  A little bit of silver was mixed in to provide some shimmer and sparkle to the doll’s skin.


And as a development from my previous cloth doll’s, I ventured further to paint onto the body and arms.  To emphasise the sea goddess element I painted subtle fish scales down her arms, picking up more blue and green hues.



Additional beads, pearls and gems were sewn on by hand to adorn the body and features further.


I was fortunate to have this perfect mixed blue textured wool to create her hair and finish the look.


#30dayjournal - Day 3: Daring Trumps Discipline

#30DayJournal Challenge – Week 1

I have had a keen fascination with the art of sketch book journaling since buying Lisa Sonora’s book ‘The Creative Entrepreneur’,  but I have only just recently, really fully engaged with the potential of this very personal and creative discipline.

My interest was re-ignited by the discovery of Ingrid Dijkers and watching one of her Youtube uploads ‘Journalfest Notebook’.  I really loved the diversity and creativity of this book that is inspired by woodlands, but was also intrigued by JournalFest, which, with a little bit of further investigation, led me to Teesha Moore’s website and her wonderfully intricate and colourful journal pages.

Since then I have been pinning like mad.  Whilst in this pinning craze, I remembered Lisa Sonora’s work and revisited her website that happened to be promoting the #30dayjournal challenge.  As with all new challenges, I spent time deliberating whether to sign up or not.  I am glad I did, because the theme for this year is ‘Fire’ and each daily prompt encourages participants to look deep within and face up to the daily fears of being a creative person and the challenges that accompany the prospect of putting your creative work out there, self and peer assessment, being daring, the art of courage and other similar themes.

Due to other commitments I have not always been able to journal everyday, but I have tried to commit to journal on those days where I have time, so I am sharing the results from week one.

#30dayjournal - Day 1

#30dayjournal – Day 1: Daring to Begin


#30dayjournal - Day 2

#30dayjournal – Day 2: Find Your People (set your life on fire)


#30dayjournal - Day 3: Daring Trumps Discipline

#30dayjournal – Day 3: Daring Trumps Discipline (I am daring to…)


#30dayjournal - Day 4

#30dayjournal – Day 4: The Cost of Perfection


#30dayjournal - Day 5

#30dayjournal – Day 5: What to do When Problems Overwhelm?


#30dayjournal - Day 6

#30dayjournal – Day 6: The Enemy of All Art (self-consciousness)


#30dayjournal - Day 7

#30dayjournal – Day 7: If You Struggle With Being Seen (courage)

A Bob Marley Cloth Doll for Jill

We’re jammin’ –
To think that jammin’ was a thing of the past;
We’re jammin’,
And I hope this jam is gonna last.



Bob Marley Doll, A new challenge!

This is the first time I have attempted to create a cloth doll inspired by a real person, and of course, the danger and challenge of this is trying to effectively create and capture the essence of that person.


As with the previous two dolls, Rowan Foxglove and Lazuli, I used acrylic paint to try and paint a life like Bob Marley face.  This was such a challenge, because whilst I wanted the face to clearly resemble Bob’s features, I also wanted to retain a strong sense that this is still a cloth doll.  It was also difficult to fit the Bob’s features within the head and face template I had used, particularly his mouth.

The Dreadlocks


Bob Marley’s dreads were created using a technique I first discovered in one of my earlier cloth doll’s, which is to rip up thin strips of T-shirt material. The ripping process slightly stretches the jesry fabric and in turn cause the raw edges to curl.  This, I have found is perfect for creating dreadlocks or thicker hair for your cloth doll and is a really effective alternative to using wool.

The Guitar

The cloth guitar was really fun to make.  Like the face, the details of the guitar were painted on using acrylic paint.


Thick white thread and small wooden beads were used to create the guitar strings and tuning pegs.

Black ribbon and rasta coloured beads created the final finishing touch of the guitar strap.