#30dayjournal - Day 14

#30dayjournal Challenge Week 2


#30dayjournal – Day 8: Dare to Live Your Dream


So here are my visual journal prompt responses for days eight to fourteen from Lisa Sonora’s #30dayjournal challenge.

I have delayed posting this set of journal pages because I have still been working on some of them.  Part of the journaling process is about artistic self discovery  and working at your own pace.  Therefore, I made a decision not to put myself under pressure or to rush myself, but to simply enjoy the experience, with a greater emphasis on learning about my own art practise.  This, I am sure, is Lisa Sonora’s intention for her challenge.

#30dayjournal - Day 9

#30dayjournal – Day 9: Brave Enough (The Ultimate Piece of Art is You)

#30dayjournal - Day 10

#30dayjournal – Day 10: In Which We Have a Group Hug with Uncertantity


#30dayjournal - Day 11

#30dayjournal – Day 11: Daring to be Yourself


#30dayjournal - Day 12

#30dayjournal – Day 12: Difficulty as a Wayfinding Tool

#30dayjournal - Day 13

#30dayjournal – Day 13: On Fire From Within

#30dayjournal - Day 14

#30dayjournal – Day 14: An Unexpected Doorway to the Warrior’s World

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