Skater Girl Cloth Doll for Olive


I really love the character of this cloth doll and was so much fun to make and photograph, which I tried to capture in this day dreamy pose.  I also discovered how real clothes can be cut, sewn and adapted to make mini versions for the cloth dolls.  Her T-shirt was taken from a section of a real skater Tee and the socks and beanie were originally a pair of socks.

The Outfit

Her outfit is fairly simple, so I am going to let the photos speak for themselves.


The Skater T-Shirt


Detail of the Dungarees


The Beanie, Socks and Trainers




The trainers were inspired by Adidas Shell Toes using a pattern that I made from scratch.  They were hand sewn using felt and embellished with eyelets and ribbon to create the laces detail.

I will be posting a tutorial on how to make the socks, beanie and trainers very soon.

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