#30dayjournal Harvest


The very last challenge for the #30journal challenge, Lisa Sonora asked us to ‘harvest’ the best ideas and discoveries from the month long journaling process.

#30dayjournal - Day 31: Extra Task

#30dayjournal – Day 31: Extra Task ‘Harvest’


Finding Inspiration

#30dayjournal - Day 17

#30dayjournal – Day 17: When Sparks Fly sketchbook journal page

As mentioned in my ‘Week 3’ post this page was heavily inspired by the wonderful work of Ingrid Dijkers, Teesha Moore and Jenndalyn.  By creating this page I have discovered new opportunities with my own journal page making.  It helped me to established what I liked and valued within my own work and that I realised I prefer using hand drawn imagery instead of found images.

The Rabbit and the Hare

#30dayjournal - Day 19

#30dayjournal – Day 19: Use Whatever You Have Got

A couple of years ago I created a random doodle of the half human half rabbit character that found its way onto the page above.  This is a character I had always intended to come back to, particularly for for my cloth doll making.

30dayjournal - Day 22

#30dayjournal – Day 22 ‘Love the Moment (Right Now)

I had recently made a decision to revisit some other old work inspired by Spring and now that I was reacquainted with this character, it made sense to change the rabbit into a hare.

#30dayjournal - Day 23

#30dayjournal – Day 23: Accessing Your Genius

After a bit of research, I realised that the hare is a fascinating creature that has been highly regarded in many cultures.  Not only is the hare a symbol of rebirth and fertility but it also has strong connections to creativity, fire and the circle.  As a hoop dancer, who has dabble with a bit of fire dancing too, this seemed like a coincidence not to miss.

#30dayjournal - Day 25

#30dayjournal – Day 25: Dare to be Powerful

Since then, I have become a little obsessed and excited by using this incredible animal as a muse.

Artistic Mantra

#30dayjournal - Day 27

#30dayjournal – Day 27: Make Your Own Mantra

This journal prompt has helped to remind me that nothing is set in stone and that I am not committed to anything when making art.  Of course have an aim, but remember to keep an open mind and resist the temptation to become cross or angry if things do not go to plan.

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