#30dayjournal Harvest


The very last challenge for the #30journal challenge, Lisa Sonora asked us to ‘harvest’ the best ideas and discoveries from the month long journaling process.

#30dayjournal - Day 31: Extra Task

#30dayjournal – Day 31: Extra Task ‘Harvest’


Finding Inspiration

#30dayjournal - Day 17

#30dayjournal – Day 17: When Sparks Fly sketchbook journal page

As mentioned in my ‘Week 3’ post this page was heavily inspired by the wonderful work of Ingrid Dijkers, Teesha Moore and Jenndalyn.  By creating this page I have discovered new opportunities with my own journal page making.  It helped me to established what I liked and valued within my own work and that I realised I prefer using hand drawn imagery instead of found images.

The Rabbit and the Hare

#30dayjournal - Day 19

#30dayjournal – Day 19: Use Whatever You Have Got

A couple of years ago I created a random doodle of the half human half rabbit character that found its way onto the page above.  This is a character I had always intended to come back to, particularly for for my cloth doll making.

30dayjournal - Day 22

#30dayjournal – Day 22 ‘Love the Moment (Right Now)

I had recently made a decision to revisit some other old work inspired by Spring and now that I was reacquainted with this character, it made sense to change the rabbit into a hare.

#30dayjournal - Day 23

#30dayjournal – Day 23: Accessing Your Genius

After a bit of research, I realised that the hare is a fascinating creature that has been highly regarded in many cultures.  Not only is the hare a symbol of rebirth and fertility but it also has strong connections to creativity, fire and the circle.  As a hoop dancer, who has dabble with a bit of fire dancing too, this seemed like a coincidence not to miss.

#30dayjournal - Day 25

#30dayjournal – Day 25: Dare to be Powerful

Since then, I have become a little obsessed and excited by using this incredible animal as a muse.

Artistic Mantra

#30dayjournal - Day 27

#30dayjournal – Day 27: Make Your Own Mantra

This journal prompt has helped to remind me that nothing is set in stone and that I am not committed to anything when making art.  Of course have an aim, but remember to keep an open mind and resist the temptation to become cross or angry if things do not go to plan.

#30dayjournal - Day 27

#30dayjournal Challenge Week 4

I finally completed the #30dayjournal Challenge set by Lisa Sonora.  And although I didn’t quite manage to journal everyday, I still found this process enjoyable and hugely beneficial to my artistic practise.  I have rediscovered some of the ideas and techniques I used to play around with on my textiles degree (oh so many years ago now!) and I feel that I have most certainly reconnected with a type of art that I used to create and feel most at home producing.

30dayjournal - Day 22

#30dayjournal – Day 22: ‘Love the Moment (Right Now)

#30dayjournal - Day 23

#30dayjournal – Day 23: Accessing Your Genius

#30dayjournal - Day 24

#30dayjournal – Day 24: Is Your Life shrinking or Expanding?

#30dayjournal - Day 25

#30dayjournal – Day 25: Dare to be Powerful

#30dayjournal - Day 26

#30dayjournal – Day 26: Focus on What Excites You

#30dayjournal - Day 27

#30dayjournal – Day 27: Make Your Own Mantra

#30dayjournal - Day 28

#30dayjournal – Day 28: Warrior Training: Focus to See the Light

#30dayjournal - Day 29

#30dayjournal – Day 29: Passing the Torch

#30dayjournal - Day 30

#30dayjournal – Day 30: Remember How the Sun Does it

#30dayjournal - Day 17

#30dayjournal Challenge Week 3

As I have progressed with this challenge (which I am now utterly behind on!).  I feel that these prompts have really helped me to identify and develop the visual language that I want to express as the Vaudeville Hippie aesthetic.  Now I am not sure whether this is because I am more regularly creating pages, and therefore I am becoming more confident with my journal page making, or if these prompts have tapped into the necessary part of my subconscious to allow me to express my ideas.  I think only time will tell.

#30dayjournal - Day 15

#30dayjournal – Day 15: The Art of Resting

#30dayjournal - Day 16

#30dayjournal – Day 16: If You Are Going Through Hell

#30dayjournal - Day 17

#30dayjournal – Day 17: When Sparks Fly

The page above ‘When Sparks Fly’ was a real turning point in my #30dayjournal challenge journey, because the the prompt asked ‘who rekindles my creative spark?’.  As mentioned in the #30dayjournal Challenge Week 1 post, I have been really inspired by the journal pages of Ingrid Dijkers, Teesha Moore and since then I have also fallen in love with Jenndalyn‘s pages, who I discovered on Pinterest. What most inspires me about all three of these artists is their use of pattern, and I therefore used pattern as my starting point. The pink background was most definitely influenced by Teesha Moore’s vibrant use of colour.

#30dayjournal - Day18

#30dayjournal – Day 18: Don’t Give Up

#30dayjournal - Day 19

#30dayjournal – Day 19: Use Whatever You Have Got

#30dayjournal - Day 20

#30dayjournal – Day 20: What’s Right With You?

#30dayjournal - Day 21

#30dayjournal – Day 21: – Find your Higher Purpose

My favourite page has most definitely has to be this one above; ‘Find Your Higher Purpose’.   I wanted to explore the journaling process, to help with the development of my cloth doll making.  This page really reflects where I am at and where I would like to explore next.  I have always been fascinated by the concept of ‘Goddess’ and the feminine devine.  This is a topic which I have come back to over the years and this is probably why I am so drawn to Tribal Fusion Belly and Hoop Dance, which both seem to fit effortlessly into this area too.

With Spring just around the corner, I really like the idea of embodying the story of Spring into my next cloth doll.  I will be sharing this new journey on this blog.


#30dayjournal - Day 14

#30dayjournal Challenge Week 2


#30dayjournal – Day 8: Dare to Live Your Dream


So here are my visual journal prompt responses for days eight to fourteen from Lisa Sonora’s #30dayjournal challenge.

I have delayed posting this set of journal pages because I have still been working on some of them.  Part of the journaling process is about artistic self discovery  and working at your own pace.  Therefore, I made a decision not to put myself under pressure or to rush myself, but to simply enjoy the experience, with a greater emphasis on learning about my own art practise.  This, I am sure, is Lisa Sonora’s intention for her challenge.

#30dayjournal - Day 9

#30dayjournal – Day 9: Brave Enough (The Ultimate Piece of Art is You)

#30dayjournal - Day 10

#30dayjournal – Day 10: In Which We Have a Group Hug with Uncertantity


#30dayjournal - Day 11

#30dayjournal – Day 11: Daring to be Yourself


#30dayjournal - Day 12

#30dayjournal – Day 12: Difficulty as a Wayfinding Tool

#30dayjournal - Day 13

#30dayjournal – Day 13: On Fire From Within

#30dayjournal - Day 14

#30dayjournal – Day 14: An Unexpected Doorway to the Warrior’s World

#30dayjournal - Day 3: Daring Trumps Discipline

#30DayJournal Challenge – Week 1

I have had a keen fascination with the art of sketch book journaling since buying Lisa Sonora’s book ‘The Creative Entrepreneur’,  but I have only just recently, really fully engaged with the potential of this very personal and creative discipline.

My interest was re-ignited by the discovery of Ingrid Dijkers and watching one of her Youtube uploads ‘Journalfest Notebook’.  I really loved the diversity and creativity of this book that is inspired by woodlands, but was also intrigued by JournalFest, which, with a little bit of further investigation, led me to Teesha Moore’s website and her wonderfully intricate and colourful journal pages.

Since then I have been pinning like mad.  Whilst in this pinning craze, I remembered Lisa Sonora’s work and revisited her website that happened to be promoting the #30dayjournal challenge.  As with all new challenges, I spent time deliberating whether to sign up or not.  I am glad I did, because the theme for this year is ‘Fire’ and each daily prompt encourages participants to look deep within and face up to the daily fears of being a creative person and the challenges that accompany the prospect of putting your creative work out there, self and peer assessment, being daring, the art of courage and other similar themes.

Due to other commitments I have not always been able to journal everyday, but I have tried to commit to journal on those days where I have time, so I am sharing the results from week one.

#30dayjournal - Day 1

#30dayjournal – Day 1: Daring to Begin


#30dayjournal - Day 2

#30dayjournal – Day 2: Find Your People (set your life on fire)


#30dayjournal - Day 3: Daring Trumps Discipline

#30dayjournal – Day 3: Daring Trumps Discipline (I am daring to…)


#30dayjournal - Day 4

#30dayjournal – Day 4: The Cost of Perfection


#30dayjournal - Day 5

#30dayjournal – Day 5: What to do When Problems Overwhelm?


#30dayjournal - Day 6

#30dayjournal – Day 6: The Enemy of All Art (self-consciousness)


#30dayjournal - Day 7

#30dayjournal – Day 7: If You Struggle With Being Seen (courage)

Sketch Book Journaling

I really enjoy looking at and searching for the many diverse examples of sketch book journal pages that are currently out there on the world wide web!  I love the freedom and self expression contained in each page, as if it had its own mini story to tell.  I admire the way each artist uses a combination of the basic elements of art including colour, shape, pattern and texture that have been carefully (and sometimes accidentally) arranged and created by layering and reworking to create a rich and dynamic surface to work upon.  These pieces have then been lovingly developed with additional imagery that has either been hand drawn or found combined with text, which has been handwritten or pre-printed fonts.

Sketch book journal page by Journal Girl

I particularly like the work of Samantha Kira Harding aka Journal Girl who I discovered on YouTube a couple of years ago.  What I admire the most about Samie is her openness about living with her chronic illness and how art is helping her to get through it.  Not only does Samie create beautifully vibrant journal pages, she has uploaded over one hundred detailed video tutorials that provide useful information about suppliers, techniques and processes.  I picked up a useful tip recently when I watched this video below and discovered that to achieve the depth of shadow around key images, Samie uses a black watercolour pencil.  This seems so obvious now, but it just had not occurred to me to do that.  So I am very much looking forward to using my newly gained knowledge.

Up until about four years ago I was not even really aware of the concept of journaling until I came across some books by accident through Amazon’s ‘frequently bought together’ option where I was presented with Cory Moorgat’s ‘Art of Personal Imgery’ and Lisa Sonora Beam‘s ‘The Creative Entrepreneur’.  I was intrigued and captivated by this new and freer way of working.  (Although admittedly it has taken me all this time to actually start to explore this process for myself).

The Creative Entrepreneur Lisa Sonora Beam
The Art of Personal Imagery Cory Moorgat

I mostly use Pinterest to discover new examples of journal art and it seems to be quite a popular topic for a pin board.  My favourite pin is this one below.  I love the use of stitched line, simplified dragon fly, magenta circles and textured surface on the left hand side.

Sketchbook journal example

My Own Work

These are still very much work in progress.  I have yet to achieve the level of depth and detail. I would like to develop my own visual style a little more but I am happy that I have a starting point to work with. I have been inspired by Steampunk, Masquerade Ball, Circus and Alice Wonderland (Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit).

Sketch book journal pages Vaudeville Hippie