Sunshine in the Garden

Garden Fence

We have put Vaudeville Hippie on hold temporarily this week to make the most of the arrival of some sunshine in Britain!

Sunshine in the Garden Vaudeville Hippie

Since moving into our property almost two years ago, our back garden has been left open to the road behind our house and it has been one of the many DIY jobs on our to do list.


Our house sits on top of a hill above a valley, which means when it’s windy, it is really windy so much so the wind can be heard tearing through our alleyway and across the top of the chimney. With this in mind we knew that our choice of fence had to be able to withstand the wind. Therefore, from previous experience with pre-made larch lap fence panels, we decided that these would be no good for us and should opt for making the panels ourselves in the hope this would be stronger.


Prior to the fence going up the land needed to be leveled flat with a small retaining wall to hold back the earth. We finally got the wall built a couple of weeks ago that enabled us to finally get started.

Sunshine in the Garden Vaudeville Hippie

All the wood needed to be painted with wood stain (forest green). To create the fence Steve needed made an initial frame, where the biggest challenge was attaching the frame to wall, ensuring it was level. This was the most time consuming aspect, but once the frame was up and the all the panels painted it was just a case of nailing each panel into place. Steve opted to use a nail-screw hybrid for extra strength and hopefully wind proof.

Sunshine in the Garden Vaudeville HippieSunshine in the Garden Vaudeville Hippie

Sunshine in the Garden Vaudeville HippieSunshine in the Garden Vaudeville Hippie


It has been a real joy this week to have had the opportunity to be outside in such great weather. Our garden is becoming quite a haven for wildlife, particularly from the bees and butterflies who are making the most to the recently blossoming flowers. Whilst being in the garden we have also had an opportunity to enjoy watching the birds visiting our newly installed bird feeder and the discovery of a newt in our pond.

Finishing Touches

There a still a little way to go. One side of the fence needs to be topped off with a trellis and the gate should be attached to the fence, which will completely close the garden off to the road. All in all, we have been pleased with the progress and are very much looking forward to properly using the end of the garden (without an audience!)

Cutting My Own Hair


It’s been a while since I’ve been to the hair dressers!  Way too long in fact.  So I decided to investigate how easy it would be to cut my own hair, considering how much of it I have have.  Thankfully Youtube did not let me down and within watching the first two tutorials I found the information I needed and felt confident that this was achievable.

As this blog is partly to do with new beginnings, I felt it would be fun and appropriate to make a video of my first attempt at cutting my own hair.  This is not intended to be a tutorial, just sharing some ideas I’ve picked up from other youtube channels and sharing the results.

Music by Skerm: